Denim is so in right now. While some people are brave enough to attack the double-denim look, others feel more comfortable sticking to a pop of denim here or there. I tend to find myself sticking with plain old denim bottoms, but this Fashionista’s cool and collected look definitely inspires me to expand my denim horizons and maybe pick up a denim top for myself.

This Fashionista’s denim shirt stands out from the rest of the outfit, since its light-wash really contrasts the gray and black of her top and pants. In this way, the shirt kind of spices up the outfit, making it a tad more exciting and put together. While a plain denim shirt might not be your cup of tea, a distressed one could look totally cool or even a denim jacket. The whole outfit has such a casual vibe to it and it just looks super comfortable. The pants are not quite a harem pant, but they’re definitely not skin-tight leggings either. The gray crop top has a distressed look to it, which helps add texture to the outfit along with the denim shirt. The whole look just has a breezy feel, and it’s the perfect outfit for someone who wants to look well dressed without spending too much time fussing over the individual pieces of the outfit. The final touch to the look are the Fashionista’s Birkenstocks, which I’m now obsessed with. They look so cute with this outfit and I could easily see myself getting a pair and wearing them every day this summer.

The best thing about this outfit is how breezy it is. Summer days don’t instantly make you want to throw on pants and a button-down top, but with light fabrics like these, this look becomes perfect for warm days. Plus, it does seem like it would keep you warm on a summer night, making it a great day-to-night outfit. The Fashionista accessorized her look off with some Ray-Ban sunglasses and a few silver rings, just to add a little more pizazz overall.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort is key on those warm school days. The wind makes wearing skirts and dresses a huge hassle, so a low-key, comfortable look with pants is truly ideal.”