I am always all about the monochromatic and neutral look. This Fashionista can be spotted around California State University of Northridge or working fabulously in Los Angeles, where she’s killing it with her personal style. She manages to stand out and rock these colors without looking dull, and that’s what I live for. Her styling is on point and she proves that black and white is not boring.

The element of this Fashionista’s look that I want to highlight is the mixing of textures. Now, you wouldn’t necessarily always think about pairing a lace summer dress with an edgy leather jacket, because the seasons of these two pieces may clash. In this case, it totally works.

I love the trend of mixing textures together in a look, because it really adds a touch of uniqueness and character to someone’s outfit. Everything is flawless in the lace and leather combination, from the leather’s dark bold lines to the soft geometric shapes of the lace. Despite the contrasting elements in this outfit, overall, it plays really well with each other, which creates a fabulous look for this spring. On top of that, a hat never fails to complete a look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think it’s important to be yourself and ultimately stay true to what you want to wear. The thing about fashion is that even though it doesn’t seem like it, there are no rules or boundaries. If you want to try a look, go for it! I personally draw inspiration from fashion blogs, Instagram and even people around me to help me create looks I may have never put together myself. In time, you’ll start to find your style and what makes you feel comfortable and cool. It’s all about using your imagination and resources.”

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