STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Distressed Over Everything

Trying to figure out an outfit in Canada is like trying to decide what show to watch on Netflix. It constantly changes with your mood and depending on your wifi connection you may be SOL. Now being in spring with a small chance of winter, we must remain calm and dress savvy.

This Fashionista picked out her favorite distressed denim and paired it with a super comfy pair of black leggings to wear underneath to ensure her legs stay warm when that random snow squall decides to hit head on. Distressed denim is like a girl’s best friend; you can pull them out at any time of the month, and they’ll never let you down.

Continuing with the monochromatic look, this Fashionista grabbed an oversized gray sweater to throw over her little black T-shirt. Having an oversized shirt gives you two options when faced with mood swing weather. You can either rock it over your ensemble or tie it around your waist, creating a fuller look.

To complete her look, she went with black booties and a black oversized bag, which will also be your BFF when you’re looking to cram a bunch of stuff in your purse.

The next time this weather tries to throw you, remember this Fashionista and her savvy attire. There is no shame in bundling up while also baring some skin. Don’t worry, sunnier days are upon us.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pair your favorite summer pieces with your favorite oversized winter sweaters to create the perfect combo of monochromatic style to get you through spring weather head on and right through to summer.”