Fashion trends from the earlier decades seem to be coming back around the trend cycle. This is not to say everyone will be wearing trucker hats and body glitter again next season. Many of those early staples are coming back this upcoming season and being interpreted in a whole new way.

One major style piece for this season is the denim skirt. This Fashionista shows us exactly how to keep a denim skirt looking fresh and new instead of soccer mom circa 2003. She paired her light denim skirt with a graphic T-shirt and sneakers. And her brown leather satchel grounded the look by adding a more natural, earthy element to an otherwise sporty look. All of these elements come together for a perfect look that can remind us all of our favorite trends from the early 2000s.

As fall and the back-to-school season start up again, there will no doubt be many A-line and button-down skirts on the market, denim and others, but this one stands out because of its fabric. Despite it being a denim skirt, the wash is the perfect light denim color for summer and is light enough for those scorching hot days. With the right color palette and styling, it could easliy transition into fall. With the perfect denim skirt, like this one, your favorite band T-shirt and the added leather satchel, we can all revel in the early 2000s looks to come.

What is your STYLVE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what you love without thinking and you will always get the best results. Put on what feels right.”