STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Crop Tops And Cardigans

Spring has sprung and the weather is getting so much warmer! This Fashionista decided to bring out her warmer clothes, such as her go-to crop tops. With the sun peeking out, everyone is taking advantage of the sunlight and warm air that surrounds us. What better way is there to feel good than to dress up?

This Fashionista’s outfit is right on-trend as halter crop tops, high-waisted boyfriend jeans, oxford shoes and cardigans have been making their way into the fashion world. This look is perfect for going out to lunch or even to class with the casual vibe it gives off.

I especially loved the details in her jeans and how she rolled them up, making it her own style and showing of her black oxford shoes. The rips in her jeans also give a type of grungy look to the outfit, while the crop top gives a more comfortable vibe along with her cardigan. It shows that she’s trendy but at the same time knows how to dress comfortably.

Her whole outfit can be achieved very easily because of how simple everything is. Just put boyfriend jeans, oxford shoes, a cardigan and a crop top together. It’s the details in the outfit that count and make a look unique. Roll up your jeans, add some jewelry or add any accessory. If it’s chilly out, wear a headband or a scarf, and if it’s nice out like it was for this Fashionista, wear jewelry or add some funky sunglasses.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s getting warmer out so my go-to outfit is just a simple cardigan and a crop top.”