Winter can get pretty rough here in the Midwest. There are piles upon piles of snow covering everything in sight and when you walk outside, the harsh wind almost takes your breath away. However, I think that the hardest part about surviving a Midwestern winter is finding an outfit for each day. You need something that will keep you warm, but you don’t want to be walking around campus every day in the same UGGs and puffy coat. This Fashionista has come up with the perfect outfit that will keep her both cozy and adorable! Her secret? An oversized cardigan.

The oversized cardigan is a huge trend this winter. It was seen all over the runway this past fall with designers like Stella McCartney and Derek Lam, and it’s blown up all over the country. The oversized cardigan is like the saving grace of every college female that has to brave the cold and trek across campus during the winter. It’s incredibly warm and can be easily added on to almost any outfit. This Fashionista has paired her cardigan with a black turtleneck dress, tights and booties, making it the perfect ensemble for any cold weather special occasion (even if that special occasion is just wanting to look cute for class).

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love how versatile cardigans are. They can be dressed up or down and look great for any occasion. If you’re ever looking for something to tie an outfit together, try a cardigan!”