Striking the balance between comfort and style is something the University of Wisconsin-Madison students strive for. On our icy tundra of a campus, style can sometimes suffer on account of the bitter cold. Due to this factor, UW students have come to find different ways to add warm layers to their favorite outfits so that they can be worn year-round. Although the temperatures here in the Midwest haven’t plummeted drastically quite yet, sweaters are definitely a must! To help you stay warm and look stylish, this Fashionisto debuted a look that is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for the cold weather.

For his look, he started out with the basics: a T-shirt and jeans. This comfortable base can be worn on its own in warmer weather, but to make the outfit appropriate for fall and winter, he added a casual sport coat. This layer not only provides warmth to his outfit, but also interest. Pairing the sport coat with a graphic T-shirt is cool and unexpected. It also takes the casual outfit up a notch. To finish off the look, he incorporated black Converse and black-rimmed glasses. All of these components work together in creating a cool, laid-back look that is perfect for class or a night out!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear a T-shirt that has a personal meaning to you. It could be your favorite band, a place you’ve visited, or your favorite sports team. I’m proud to go to Wisconsin so I usually like to rep my school.”