One of the biggest struggles is trying to dress comfortably and still look stylish. When midterm week rolls around and I spend all night studying, the last thing I want to do is put a ton of effort into my outfit. While walking to class one day, I spotted a Fashionista who clearly understands the comfortable yet stylish idea.

This Fashionista nailed a simple look that’s perfect for going to class. She wore a plain pair of black leggings. Whoever thinks that leggings aren’t stylish must not have paired them correctly. She wore a fun graphic tank top and a cardigan in a complementing color. This is the perfect solution to dressing for spring in Wisconsin. It will be cooler in the morning, but warmer in the afternoon, so a sweater is the way to go. The great thing about this type of look is you can easily swap out different pieces so you can wear it somewhere else. While this outfit is perfect for class, swapping out the leggings with a skirt would make this perfect for a date or night out.

Not only did this Fashionista master the art of dressing comfortably, she was able to showcase her personal style and add unique touches through her accessories. A striped scarf gave the outfit a fun twist by incorporating another pattern. Her plaid slip-on shoes were super cute and stylish. This Fashionista was able to have plaid, stripes and a graphic print all in one look, and I absolutely loved it. She also stacked on the rings and bracelets to really show her style. Accessories are a great way to take a simple outfit to another level.

This spring you’ll want to try out your new clothes, but some days you’ll want to throw on something comfortable. That doesn’t mean you have to look any less stylish. Take advice from this Fashionista and become comfortably chic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s important that I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing. My style is a mix of casual and cute pieces. I also love accessories. I like mixing patterns and using fun colors to coordinate my outfits, and pairing everything with black works for me.”