STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Color Conglomeration

Personally, I have trouble integrating bright colors into the very dark palette of my wardrobe. After all, dark colors such as blacks, blues and grays match with just about everything. They’re subtle but also statement makers and somehow manage to flatter your body, even just in a T-shirt. I love color in life, and in theory I like it on myself, but in order to maintain my own comfort I try and bring both dark and bright colors together.

This Fashionisto’s outfit exemplifies a very simple and doable version of a union between the two. First of all, the jersey look of his shirt is a hot trend this season; I myself have fallen prey to the look. His shirt is mainly black, a perennial staple that’s always flattering. What really makes this shirt article-worthy is the colored tropical pattern on the shoulders and upper chest. Not only does it push a summery vibe, but it also brings about the conglomeration of colors.

Black is made up of all of the other colors mixed together, so it’s only fitting that it brightens any colors around it. This shirt makes such an impact visually because the brightness of the flowers contrasts so vibrantly against the stoic black. Add to that his neon pink Nikes and there’s an aesthetically appealing hula party put into a socially acceptable outfit. An added bonus is the Lokai bracelet that packs a punch behind its meaning and also adds chic simplicity to accessorize with.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think that the warmer it is you may as well warm up the colors you wear. Winter was dreary so everyone’s clothes were dreary but now the sun shines most of the time so why not spice it up?”