Let’s face it. At some point, in the near future (or maybe it’s already happened in some places), it is going to get unbearably cold out. Living in the Northeast, it is inevitable that your puffy winter jacket is going to make an appearance. So, if looking like a human marshmallow isn’t exactly your aesthetic, no worries! Statement coats are the answer to all of your winter woes.

Ordinary peacoats and puffy winter jackets are all well and good, but they don’t exactly stand out. If you want to mix up your winter wardrobe while staying warm, try a colored or patterned coat. Recently, there has been a rise in stand-out coats in retail. No longer does a great outfit become hidden. Now, the coat is the outfit. Ranging from pretty pastels to daring leopard print, there’s a statement coat out there for everyone. No matter the occasion, an eye-catching coat will always be a staple. Whether you are walking to class, going to Starbucks or hitting the library, bundle up in style.

This Fashionista is killing it in a black-and-white houndstooth coat, tying together her simple all-black ensemble. Her skirt, tights and crop top allow the coat to be the focal point of the outfit. She adds a pop of color with berry lipstick and red Dr. Martens. Looking effortlessly cool with braids and a choker, the coat is this Fashionista’s versatile starting point. She vamps her look up with grunge accessories, but could easily pair the coat with daintier pieces for a different vibe. Investing in a versatile statement coat is a definite way to express your style while avoiding the cold this winter.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A coat can make the whole outfit. If you put something simple underneath a cool coat, your outfit is complete. Just don’t forget to keep warm!”