May 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

There have been a lot of people rocking the bohemian or hipster look since the start of one of the biggest music festivals in the United States: Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This festival happens every year right in the month of April. The very first Coachella Concert was in October of 1999 in the state of California (one of my favorite states!). The concert was originally a two-day event up until 2007, when they decided to add one more day to the mix. With more days, there has to be more artists and musicians to see and hear about.

However, music and art aren’t the only reasons why people go to this music-fused festival; fashion is now a factor. Noticing from the Fashionistas/os I follow that attend the event have modified their looks to fit in with the Coachella Crowd. People are ready for the current spring and summer months by wearing shorts, skirts and fringe T-shirts with the bands playing at the festival that year, even accessorizing with gold chains and feather jewelry.

Here’s a Fashionista that had her own spin on what one should wear to Coachella or an event similar. She is wearing a very blue maxi skirt, which is the perfect color to stand out amongst the crowd. The printed top she paired with the skirt adds to the feel of boho-chic. Our Fashionista placed a bulky belt around her waist to define it.

There’s a small trend of wearing two different pairs of earrings at once. With this trend you put one type of earring in one ear and a completely different one in the opposite ear. This Fashionista showcased this perfectly. She put a blue-feathered earring in one ear and placed an eyeglass shaped one on the opposite ear. With this whole look, this Fashionista is ready to go to any Coachella-like festival.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable in your style; make it uniquely you.”