STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Clothing with Personality

When I spotted this Fashionista on Kent State University’s campus, I immediately got an edgy and free-spirited vibe. Her outfit was so effortlessly cool and eye-catching, and I got an impression of her as a person just by looking at what she was wearing. Clothing and fashion can be one of the biggest expressions of someone, and this Fashionista’s look clearly shows off her personality. The best kind of style is exactly that—when you can get an impression of someone just by their clothing.

This fun-loving fashion student paired a pair of bright and printed pants with a blue off-the-shoulder top, a leather jacket, Dr. Martens and a combination of chokers. The printed pants and off-the-shoulder top gave me a bohemian vibe, while the leather jacket and boots added a rocker-chic edge. Her chokers, one of which was homemade, added to the bohemian vibe as well. I loved the combination of neutrals within her outfit; she fearlessly paired navy blue, black and gray all together. What also caught my eye was her combination of silhouettes. When asked for her style advice of the week, the Fashionista said to try an find a balance between tight and flowy with your outfits. Her combination of the boxy leather jacket and tight top and pants did exactly that. I knew from her outfit choice that she was a free-spirited, fun-loving and confident Fashionista.

Another element of her look that caught my eye was her pink hair. Rather than clashing with her outfit, the pink added such a fun element, as it would to any outfit. It made the overall look more interesting and gave me a great idea of her personal style and personality. She wore her hair in a free-spirited braid at first, but let her hair fall loose as I took more photos.

My advice is to develop a personal style that shows off who you are as a person, just like this Fashionista. Don’t be afraid to combine textures, silhouettes, prints or styles to create your own expression of your personality. One of the greatest parts about fashion is the ability to make it all your own.