The looks that are the most visually stimulating to me are the ones like today’s Fashionisto. You might say, what is so great about a white button-down, a jean jacket and khaki pants? Well, duh…everything. His whole outfit just screams street style, especially his sweet kicks. Taking simple pieces, one stand out detail and putting them together is basically how I get dressed every morning. It’s my mantra for autumn style.

Okay, let’s start from the bottom up. His sneakers are the obvious standout of his look, and what makes his simple style come to life. New Balance has definitely made a comeback in the fashion world. With the likes of Eva Chen wearing them, basically your grandparents are cooler than you. Today’s Fashionisto’s turquoise, orange and blue kicks not only are a great pop of color, but also scream “Go Gators”, and as a nostalgic senior, I am in love with that.

He continues his look with straight leg khaki pants, paired with an un-tucked white button-down and a light wash denim jacket by Levi Brand Jeans that makes me wish fall in Florida would come faster. To finish off, he added a gold Michael Kors watch and a green military style backpack.

So, how does he get away with the combination of four neutral colors and bright sneakers? The structure of his denim jacket and button-down, paired with the unstructured backpack and casual sneakers, is the perfect balance of silhouettes and colors. Take some style advice from this Fashionisto and go neutral, just make sure to add a kick of color somewhere, whether it is a vintage jacket or loud sneakers.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always like dressing a bit understated, but sometimes you just have to add a hint of color; and a pair of comfortable, but colorful sneakers are the only way to go.”