Just when we thought spring was here to stay, here comes Boston and surprises us once again with another snowstorm. Given that I am not the biggest fan of warm weather, I have to admit I was kind of happy. But, I can’t say the same for the other people that live here. However, they were happy that the storm only lasted a couple of hours and they were back to wearing their transition outfits.

When I went outside to enjoy the view of the park all covered in white, I spotted this Fashionista rocking her chunky scarf. I have always been a fan of this accessory because it makes me feel like I am covered in a blanket all day! How could you possibly pick another accessory when this one makes you feel like you are as comfy as you are in bed? Besides, chunky scarfs always add a different touch to every outfit, because they are definitely an attention grabber and help create a more stylish outfit.

The best thing about transition outfits is that they can be worn perfectly in both seasons; in this case, winter or spring. This Fashionista picked a look that can definitely work for a very  a breezy spring day or throw on a coat and wear it on a cold day. One of the reasons her outfit caught my attention was because of the variety of colors she was able to wear together. First, of course, the oversized scarf which plays with a mixture of grays and greens. Then she matched a simple white shirt with military green jeans. To top the outfit off, she wore a navy vest. To brave the Bostonian snow, she decided to wear hunter boots. These rain boots are a great option for winter, because being rubber you can buy liners for extra warmth.

This outfit is a good option for a variety of occasions such as a day out with your friends, a day at the park and even a casual date.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The best winter accessory is a chunky scarf. It’s stylish, beautiful and keeps you warm.”