Everything is coming into fall loveliness here in New Paltz! The temperature’s been consistently dropping and summer lovers are sadly swapping their shorts for shawls. The best part is that the leaves are losing their chlorophyll and I’m really looking forward to cardigan and boot season coming into full swing!

Not everyone is having trouble transitioning though. This Fashionisto was wearing a pair of black slacks, a baby blue shirt and black loafers while he carried a JanSport knapsack. The standout piece to this Fashionisto’s outfit, however, is his plaid shirt. It’s a great piece that can be worn all times of the year whether it’s 90 degrees outside or sweater weather.

As a former longtime attendant of Catholic school, plaid holds an complicated place in my heart; while I can only handle it in small doses, I cannot deny its fashion prowess.  Plaid is a universally flattering pattern. It comes in a vast array of colors and combinations that will appeal to almost anyone’s sense of style.

Skirts and shirts are great, but never underestimate the power of patterns in smaller doses. Patterned items like funky cross-body bags, blazers and bow ties can provide quite the punch for monochromatic Fashionistos.

Vintage plaid is also a great hidden treasure that more people should consider. Retro is fun and trends are always being recycled, so consider thrift stores. They can offer an entire variety of options for great prices.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I wear what I’m comfortable in. Just because people say that it’s hot doesn’t mean that you have to wear sweaters or jeans; wear how you feel. You don’t have to wear fashionable clothes to look good. Just be you!”