I just came back from Spring Break. Although the weather is still cold and it is still snowy in Syracuse, I can tell that spring is coming. Prepare something colorful for spring and say goodbye to the tedious winter. If you do not know what to do, a checkered jacket is definitely a good start.

This Fashionista starts with a black sweater and black jeans. This simple style makes her look sharp. She wears a red and black checkered jacket outside to match with her inside look. This jacket is the highlight of the whole outfit. This pattern gives her look some color but also matches with her simple and chic basic attire. Instead of having a black scarf, she chooses a gray one to add more layers.

Her black brogue platforms make her seem taller, and her legs longer. This pair of shoes also matches with other black items. She completes her look with a black leather backpack. Instead of traditional backpacks, try a square backpack as she does. Do not forget a pair of sunglasses. Find one that fits to your face structure. Try it on before you purchase it. Black and tortoise always two classic choices that match with all kinds of clothes and styles.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not try too hard on colors. Try something simple first, and add more on gradually. Comfort is the most important thing. Do not buy items that do not match with your personalities. Fashion is what make you look better.”