When it comes to street style, it’s all about creativity. When you’re walking down the street and you spot someone exceptionally well dressed, it’s usually not because they’re wearing sweatpants or a similar dull ensemble. Typically, it is because the clothes they wear make them stand out from the rest of the people on the street for one reason or another. Whether they are wearing a bright dress, lots of patterns or dressed in all black with red shoes, street style is unique because it proves that everyone has a runway.

Thankfully, college campuses also qualify as streets that allow young people the perfect environment to curate and display their own personal style. And if I’ve ever met a student who knew this for a fact, it was this Fashionista. This Art and Special Education student’s interest in both aesthetic and history was perfectly reflected in her outfit, which she told me was mainly second hand or thrifted. The leotard she wore was given to her by her grandmother, and her boots were a score at a thrift store for a great deal of just $8.

She kept the chic, vintage vibe of her outfit going by also wearing a floral skater skirt. The small floral detail complemented her mostly black ensemble, but added a nice girly touch. Additionally, her accessories—beyond her combat boots—also played to that nature. Her choker and pendant necklace were an effortless combination that looks both on-trend and vintage, which is a hard feat to accomplish, let alone attempt.

Ultimately, this Fashionista’s modern-yet-classic outfit was all her own. Instead of opting for new pieces to work into her wardrobe, she borrowed and thrifted two amazing pieces that really made her stand out from the rest of the college campus crowd. Plus, because of her savvy shopping she knows exactly how to make a small budget work all while maintaining her amazing personal style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My whole outfit is thrifted, so trying to use the least amount of money to look the best that you can. Especially being a college student, it’s super important to save money. Cheap style is very easy to do.”