May 6th, 2015 at 2:10am

Chambray has been a trend on the rise for a few seasons now. It seems like everyone’s go-to fall outfit is a chambray button-down, leggings and boots. But, who says we have to stop wearing chambray in the spring and summer? Temperatures are rising, but the Fashionistas of the world are carrying their chambray with them through the seasons.

The first rule about the chambray trend is that we need to stop being so closed minded. Literally. Don’t think that you can only wear your chambray top all buttoned up. Open up your mind and your shirt and wear it as a cardigan or light jacket. This Fashionista had the right idea with her opened chambray shirt. The next rule about chambray trend is to stop waisting your chambray. Yes, that’s right. When it gets hotter, don’t take your chambray off, tie it around your waist! And even if it’s not hot, try tying your chambray around your waist anyway for a more dynamic look. The last rule is to dress in your chambray with a chambray dress! A chambray dress is easy to wear and can be incorporated into any type of style with the right accessories.

This Fashionista rocked a classic look by wearing her chambray shirt over a simple white dress. Her white converse are the perfect pair of shoes for spring and for walking to class. Her subtle but cool accessories make her outfit stand out from the crowd with her red rimmed sunglasses and gray beanie. This outfit is so cute and is the perfect representation of the chambray trend for spring!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear an opened button-down over a dress or skirt for a fun and cute look!”