STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Charitable Fashion Finds

It’s no secret that there are tons of different brands and styles of clothing available. Especially with the world of online shopping, anything you could possibly think of is right at your fingertips. Well, what if I told you that with some fashion choices, you could look great and make a difference at the same time?

This Fashionisto knows exactly what I’m talking about here. His brown sweater and khakis are a classic look, but they’re brought to life by his Love Your Melon beanie. This brand supports childhood cancer research and is run by college students who sell beanies, hats and other apparel, while also donating products to local children battling cancer. Wearing charitable products is a great way to get the word out about causes that you care about. If this Fashionisto is stopped on campus and asked what the Love Your Melon patch on his hat is all about, he will be able to talk up an opportunity to donate and make a difference.

This Fashionisto’s sense of style doesn’t stop there, though. He is also sporting a SEIKO Solar watch, which eliminates the need for a battery and thus makes an environmental difference. Plus, its sleek silver design means that it pairs well with almost any outfit, so you’ll look great and be on time for class! Environmental awareness, plus punctuality, plus style? What could be better?

The outfit that this Fashionisto is wearing really is taking steps towards making a difference. It’s really amazing what you can accomplish just by wearing charitable fashion brands, so keep an eye out for them and follow this Fashionisto’s lead!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “As far as fashion goes, I’m not much of an expert but I do know that anything charitable (Love Your Melon, TOMS shoes, or Lokai, for example) is worth putting into your wardrobe. Not only do you get a pretty nice looking hat, a pair of shoes or a bracelet, but in doing so you help people around the world make others’ lives better. No matter how fashionable the piece is, it is a whole lot more valuable than just how good it looks with a pair of jeans.”