One might not help but notice the strange shift in youth across the country. Happy faces have been replaced by worry lines, dorm parties have become low-key study breaks and the libraries are crowded and smellier than usual. There can only be one explanation for this phenomenon: finals week. That’s right. At many colleges across the country, one will observe nothing but thousands of students either huddled in the corner with their books or eating their stress away.

Generally, stressing for finals means not washing your hair or dressing up nice. However, I personally think that dressing up will definitely lift your spirits and your confidence, so why not?

Take a look at our wonderful Fashionisto here. Dressed in a gray shirt, a light denim button down, cargo pants and a pair of nice, black boat shoes, he looks casual but chic. Being stylish doesn’t need to take an immense amount of effort. In fact, when pulled off correctly, the simpler the better. The fact that he is wearing a button down gives him a classier and stylish edge, while the denim material of it creates a more low-key, casual vibe. His very nice pair of black, boat shoes is also the perfect combination of a stylish but effortless look.

This look is the guy’s equivalent to a “messy” hair bun, simple yet fabulous. It is comfy but chic. And best of all, it’s the perfect outfit to look like a serious and hard-working student, while still managing to catch the eye of that special someone. Happy finals week everyone!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The simpler, the better! Sometimes, it’s best not to overthink your outfit.”