No, it is not Halloween, but capes have been recently creeping their way into the fashion culture. I am obsessed with them and have two of my own, so when I saw this Fashionista rocking a dope cape, I knew I had to stop her and ask her all about it!

With capes recently making a comeback, I can’t help but notice the trend of wearing your jacket over your shoulders. A bunch of the bloggers and stylists I follow rocked this trend all over the New York streets during Fashion Week. Capes are cool for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because they look chic in any color and length. I have a short white and African print pattern; however, this Fashionista is wearing a long black one, so I know they can look beautiful in numerous different colors and prints.

Capes are also cool for transitional weather. This Fashionista is the best example of this. Even though the mornings still have a slight chill, the afternoons are starting to warm up a bit. That’s why this Fashionista couldn’t help but wear spring clothes with a twist. Along with the cape, she sported a loose floral romper. The romper brings spring vibes because it is short and the color is perfect for March. I particularly love how her whole outfit is black, but she used dark blue as the pop of color. She also strapped on some adorable open-toe wooden heel sandals that she said were extremely comfortable. Although these two pieces alone would still leave you in the streets feeling really cold, this smart chica decided to put on some tights under the romper for warmth.

The outfit is great on its own but her ensemble became a home run once she added the cape. The cape adds the perfect amount of spice and is literally a showstopper. It is unique and since the cape trend is just now starting to become a thing, it catches everyone’s gaze. Throw on your favorite sunglasses and some gold jewelry and you’re good to go!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Being fashionable doesn’t have to mean wearing what other people tell you is trendy. Trusting your instincts and your own style will always be in.”