STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Can You Handle The Mandal?

Confession: I love my Starbucks (yes, the Pumpkin Spice latte, too). I have more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw. I am a sushi addict, can’t get enough of the beach and would never give up my gel manicures. I Pin, idolize Andy Cohen and am a firm believer that a selfie (duck face included) is the best form of documentation. Via society’s standards, I am what you would call “basic.” I know that the “basic” stereotype is supposed to carry a negative connotation, but guess what? I live to embrace it! I see absolutely nothing wrong with a girl who shops or binge watches Real Housewives of…anywhere. So I can derive happiness from a few superficial components of society, who cares?

Girls have had to fight against being called the B word (basic), but the female gender should restrain from being insensitive. We should acknowledge those macho members of planet Earth who, truth be told, suffer from a similar branding…the frat boy. You know who they are. The guys that coincidentally wear colored shorts, strut around in the occasional pair of chubbies and can commonly be spotted grill-side. They’re the college goers who participate in ritual golf outings, adore The Wolf of Wall Street, frequent Starbucks (occasionally at the same time as those “basic” girls) and as demonstrated here, pull off a man sandal—the mandal.

This fashion forward Fashionisto flawlessly took the mandal all the way from the frat house to the streets. Mandals on a guy can be both tricky and risqué. But this Fashionisto effortlessly steered clear of a possible flip flop fiasco with his comprehensive simplicity.  His muted Reef shoes matched perfectly to his L.L.Bean belt and wooden, Barring shades. Topped off with navy, structured shorts from J.Crew and a crisp white shirt by Jack O’Neill this Fashionisto ensured that he would look crisp, clean and complete.

The trick to making the mandal an accepted accessory is to choose compatible colors. Flip flops on a guy are hit or miss, so make it a point to limit the possibly hazardous items in your ensemble. Only choose skin-toned sandals as anything more will draw too much attention to your feet.

Like this on point Fashionisto, try going for a nautical vibe. The navy and white color duo is perfect for summer, you can’t go wrong! Stark white is a must-do this season, as it enhances that crucial summer glow and, paired with navy, makes any stylish lad yacht-ready. Hop aboard this fashion boat as soon as possible for some easy and breezy vacation days.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Avoid being too frat to handle by going for crisp colors and primarily solid prints. Anything more can be, well…simply obnoxious.”