As Fashionistas are making the transition from the warm summer weather to the cool temperatures of fall, there is no need to dive right into the heavy plaid scarves and riding boots. This weather is transitional, where some days are warm and some days are cool. While plaid, scarfs and tall riding boots are most girls’ go-to style for the fall weather, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Enjoy the last bit of warm weather with a unique style while still looking season appropriate.

Instead of leggings or skinny jeans, this Fashionista is wearing a juniper, tea length pleated skirt that covers most of her legs but is breezy enough to wear in the warm sun. The casual drape is flattering on all body shapes and the flow of the fabric makes it lively. Pleated skirts are trending this fall and this length is ideal to wear during fall’s fluctuating temperatures. Also, green is a huge color this year. This skirt is a dull shade of green which complements the season’s turn toward dimmed tones, but don’t be afraid of the bright hues because kelly green is trending this fall as well.

Paired with this pleated, high-waisted skirt is a striped off-the-shoulder knit sweater. Off-the-shoulder tops have been extremely trendy in the pre-fall season and continue to gain popularity. The silhouette is flattering and feminine. The horizontal stripes are a mix of green, pink and white. The combination of colors is a beautiful transition from summer to fall. The outfit is topped off with lace-up sandals and a wrist full of bracelets.

Everyone has their own personal go-to styles for the fall fashion season. However, I encourage you to break out of your basic fall favorites and try something different. Take this Fashionista as example and get inspired by the colors and trends around you.