As frosty temperatures barrage the Northwest, the efficacious sartorialist eagerly anticipates the crisp air and the opportunity to break out the bulky sweaters and cozy layers. Just like the impeccable fall dish requires the freshest ingredients, a sublime ensemble is only assembled from the perfect pieces.

Every fashion era is bound to ricochet back to the style radar after a few decades, and this fall the ’70s trend is clearly having a moment. It doesn’t stop at just flared denim, playful jumpsuits and fringe accessories either. Retro-inspired button-front skirts have blazed through fashion runways and retail stores everywhere, and any smart sartorialist is scrambling to fill up their wardrobes with these A-line options.

This season, strong iterations in both denim and suede have been spotted everywhere—and thankfully, the styling options are just as plentiful. Wear in lengths from maxi upwards, pull on some outerwear and step into platform espadrilles or mules. Regardless of how you wear it, a button-front skirt is sure to satisfy the impeccably trendy and utterly demure expectations for your fall wardrobe.

This Fashionista manages an altogether moderate and polished ensemble that sparkles with individuality, but maintains a demeanor appropriate for and translatable to a long day of classes. The Fashionista initiated her style concoction with a classic button-down shirt. This striped pair subtly complemented her denim skirt and exuded a preppy, collegiate vibe. She layered a cream sweater over it, a smart choice considering dark colors could weigh the look down.

The featured button-front skirt is a gorgeous shade of denim; a denim skirt in the most appealing hue of blue is not a fashion item, but a perennial staple. It is impervious to trends and is somehow a part of past eras, now fused all in one. Moreover, with the hem extending past her fingertips, this particular piece is befitting of the traditional ambiance of the ‘70s and will allow her to sit comfortably throughout the day.

She smartly juxtaposed the conservative A-line silhouette of the skirt by pairing it with some thigh socks and suede knee-high boots. Not only does this placate the awkward seasonal interlude that comes with the arrival of autumn, the height counterbalances the shorter skirt and the amount of skin that would otherwise be exposed.

To top it all off, smartly situated over her entire ensemble is a sharp peacoat, making the process of strutting through the blistery cold to class every day a bit more bearable. She keeps her accessories minimal with some understated studs; the slight sparkle of this Fashionista’s dress adds a twinkle to her ensemble without being gaudy or aggressive. Overall, this trendy ensemble is a fresh breath of fall style and serves as an excellent way to transcend to a more classy conservatism for an autumnal ambiance.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With the constant weather fluctuations, sunshine, winds, raindrops and all, it’s essential to be well prepared. This outfit resembles my idea of a flexible fall outfit.”