The semester is finally in full swing and I barely even have time to get some sleep or feed myself, so one can imagine what the caliber of the outfits I’m throwing together in the morning is. Additionally, fall is slowly taking over Philadelphia and the weather is presenting an interesting challenge. It’s scarf and glove weather in the morning, and basically hot enough for shorts and a tank top during the day. What’s a Fashionista/o to do?

I think this one found the answer. Start by building your basics. Less is more and if you do it up right, simplicity makes the boldest statement. It’s that point in the semester when we’re so engulfed in our work that what we’re wearing is, unfortunately, the last thing on our list of priorities (at least that’s how it’s going for my peers and I). Building up a strong artillery of neutrals and basics is a pretty infallible way to combat the debacle that is outfit planning during midterm week.

This Fashionisto pairs a simple but trendy long sleeve with the ever classic Chucks and jeans. It’s effortless but effective in both style and comfort. Plus, this is the perfect solution to transient weather—minimal layers so you can breathe when the sun’s out and enough clothing to be protected from the morning chill.

Style isn’t a fair weather kind of deal. Rain or shine, day or night, hot or cold, there is always a way to dress for success. And with cool finesse, this Fashionista exemplifies just exactly how it’s done.