Denim jackets seem to be a having a moment, so it isn’t surprising to see people style denim for casual school days. When worn over dresses or even just with pants, denim jackets can sometimes unintentionally bring an outfit into Western cowgirl (or cowboy) territory. However, if you take tips from this Fashionisto it can be your best accessory for fall.

This time of the season may have everyone in a slump. You’re either stuck with wearing the same black coat everyday or you wear your old high school hoodie when feeling extra lazy, but a stylistic adjustment can really make a difference. Do as this Fashionisto did and take inspiration from the stylish James Dean. You can always keep a look classic with a white T-shirt and a denim jacket. This really intensifies the look by maintaining the focus on the denim. Bringing denim back just like Justin Timberlake did in 2001 can sometimes be daunting, but if you do it the right way, there’s no reason to worry. Whether that image makes you cringe or rejoice, it is obvious that denim on denim is hard to pull off. I recommend denim that matches in order to turn a simple look into a very modern statement.

The blatant simplicity of this tasteful look is unexpectedly eye-catching. I like how this Fashionisto kept to a minimalist approach in his styling, which really highlights the tailoring of his outfit, as well as allow his accessories to stand out. However, the textures of this outfit keep it from becoming too boring. I was impressed by how the leather black backpack and suede brown desert boots seamlessly worked together in this piece. Although they are colors typically not worn together, the denim somehow balances out these accessories.

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