STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bring Some Class With White And Black

Some days during exam period you want an outfit that will be quick and easy, without the hassle of trying to plan a strategic look or without waking up early so you have enough time to try on 10 outfits before you find the right one. Some days you need a reliable go-to look that can save you your study and/or sleep time. For days like that, this Fashionista uses her trusty rule of classic black and white.

With black and white, you can never go wrong. It always makes an outfit instantly clean, classy and elegant without even trying. If you need effortless style, it is always the way to go. This Fashionista added a simple and small pop of colour with the stripes in her knit sweater. This was an effective way of adding some colour while still keeping the class and elegance of the simple black and white look.

My favorite part of this look is the detail in the simple pieces. For example, the cool detailing on the sides of her leather pants makes the pants so interesting and edgy. It adds a bit more complexity to the outfit and draws your attention.

Also, her bright white Nike sneakers are both classy and comfortable. They look sophisticated and fashionable but they also look like you could run around in them all day, which is definitely something I personally look for during my exam period. The last thing that I want is to have to wear uncomfortable shoes during the stress and craziness of the exam period. I’ll take comfortable shoes and a great classic black and white outfit on any day!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When in doubt, always stick with a black and white combo when it comes to picking out an outfit. Throw on a hat for safe measure!”