STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK : Break Out Those Layers

Since it’s now November, it is safe to say it’s officially time to layer up. It’s time to pack up those shorts and tank tops for those boots and sweaters.  Fall style is all about layers and options. The weather is unpredictably chilly in the morning with late afternoon sunshine, thus making layers ideal for staying comfortable.

This Fashionsta paired a cute monogram vest with a light sweater to make the perfect fall outfit. She threw on her classic brown boots and was ready to head to class. The simple long necklace she added ties the vest and the sweater together. Vests are particularly trendy this year because they are easy to throw on top of any outfit. The pop of color from the pink sweater adds to this outfit because it makes her look unique. This Fashionista does a particularly good job at taking a pretty basic outfit and adding little touches to make it different from the typical fall outfit.

Signature pieces and layers can lead to endless possibilities and new outfits. Our Fashionista can dress down her outfit by pairing that sweater/vest combo with jeans and sneakers or she can dress up her boots with a new blouse or top. Being in college it’s nice to have articles of clothing that can be worn multiple different ways.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A vest is always helpful because it adds warmth and style. Layers are always helpful in the fall when you don’t have time to go back and change throughout the day.”