Do you ever find yourself scrambling in the morning trying to find something to wear? Always trying to get that extra few minutes of sleep, my wardrobe can sometimes suffer. As the weather gets warmer and the layers are shedding, the outfit choices you make in the morning become even more important. With the sun shining and the snow gone, you can no longer just throw on an outfit and cover it up with a cute coat and oversized scarf. However, there is always a way to be comfortable while still looking stylish.

This Fashionista does just that. She is sporting an oversized RVCA shirt, which happens to be her boyfriend’s. Now maybe this Fashionista woke up late at her boyfriend’s apartment and had no idea what to wear. She overslept and had the choice to either where her outfit from the night before or make something her boyfriend owned pass off instead. The baggy look of your boyfriend’s top will offset any pair of form-fitting jeans, or leggings in this Fashionista’s case. Embrace the baggy! Baggy clothes tend to give women a slimmer appearance when paired with tight bottoms, which this Fashionista pulls off beautifully. To top the outfit off she adds a leather jacket to stay warm and a cute pair of black flats.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I would say that even if you have an early morning class, you could find a comfortable, yet stylish way to go about college life.”