Spring—it’s here, it’s there. Spring is kind of like that flakey friend you had dinner plans with for the past year and a half and have yet to see. One minute it’s hot and sunny, and the next minute it’s cold and rainy. What is a Fashionista/o to do? Obviously, our good friend, spring, thinks we are supposed to just go with the flow and adjust accordingly. With the help of this Fashionista, we can all become unstoppable when spring throws us a curve ball—batter up!

Being in Wisconsin, transitional wear is key. May it be a denim jacket, a lightweight coat or pants, I suggest we all have a piece or two of transitional wear in our closets. This Fashionista’s casual, comfortable and, most importantly, stylish outfit is ready for anything spring has to offer (even if it is being stood up for the ninth time this month). Her bomber jacket is perfect for the stints of cold air throughout the day and lightweight enough that she won’t overheat. The loose silk pants are an ideal substitute for denim in the spring. The loose fitting pants give the Fashionista the comfort to last through her busy day but make a fashionable statement to the crowd around her. This ensemble, paired with a loose fitting tank top and black slip-on sneaker, is ready to strike out anything spring has to throw at us.

As always, accessories are key. Adding a red pop of color to an all-black and white outfit is a great way to keep the eye interested. With this rockstud bag, I am sure this Fashionista was not overlooked by anyone. I think it is safe to say that this look was a home run!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The drastic change of weather has made it increasingly harder for me, and I am sure everyone, to get ready each day. Not knowing if the day calls for a sundress or heavy sweater is unbearable. Making sure I have something to keep me warm, like my bomber jacket, is 100 percent necessary in mastering the climate changes of spring!”