The new year is a time to explore fresh outfit possibilities and combinations. Pullovers, ties and button-down shirts have all been associated with preppy campus style in the past. However, by adding alternative pieces to traditional looks, a Fashionisto is able to give an old outfit a new level of complexity.

This Fashionisto reinvented his spring semester style by pairing a leather jacket and flannel tie with conventional preppy pieces. Layering a button-down shirt, pullover and jacket provides him with much needed warmth for the harsh January weather, while giving him an edgy look that is sure to make him stand out in class and on the quad. The combat boots tie the outfit together, solidifying the ensemble as a daring mix of polished prep and alternative flare.

If you are looking for a “new year, new you” style revamp this semester, consider adding statement pieces from clothing styles outside of your norm to your wardrobe. The right leather jacket can quickly transform an otherwise run-of-the-mill ensemble into an interesting and memorable look. Wear a classic accessory with an unexpected twist, like a flannel tie, to make your outfit feel more modern. Regardless of the statement pieces that you choose, make sure you unify the look’s theme from head to toe. Putting on a pair of warm combat boots can keep your alternative prep look from appearing disorderly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to wear things that feel simultaneously classic and modern. A flannel tie? Perfect. A leather newsboy cap? Rad. It’s all about putting a new spin on something familiar.”