A quick look in my closet reveals the fact that I’m drawn to bright colors and bold patterns. Sometimes I wish I could wear my bright red flannel shirt or funky tribal print pants every day, but I think my Instagram followers would get a little bored if I only wore those in every photo. Recently, I’ve realized the beauty of low key, neutral colors, which is why I was drawn to this Fashionista’s outfit when I spotted her on campus.

From afar, I first noticed her slouchy woven bag, the perfect alternative to a backpack if you want to lug your books or laptop to the library in style. A closer look at her outfit revealed an effortlessly chic and simple color palette: beige, black and a few pops of red from her cross-body bag. The loose tank top and lacy bralette combination is one of my favorite summer-inspired looks and this gal nailed it in a natural, campus appropriate way. Her strappy sandals look both comfortable and functional, as their discreet color allows her to wear them with outfits of virtually any color palette. Recently gaining popularity in the footwear scene just in time for sandal season, Birkenstocks are durable and mold to the shape of your feet. If you’re on a tight budget, Target offers a suitable alternative to this slightly expensive shoe.

This boho look got me excited for the upcoming spring fashions, signaling that it’s almost time to stow away those jackets and sweaters until next winter. Once the temperatures really heat up for good, this outfit could be adapted for the summer weather simply by swapping the pants for a pair of frayed denim shorts. Next time you’re having trouble deciding what to wear for class, follow this Fashionista’s example and opt for neutrals and a bag that takes the spotlight.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I dress to reflect my personal style, which is pretty bohemian, and I’m also sure to dress for comfort.”