It is that time of year again where our newsfeed and Snapchats are full of flower crowns and fringe! Thanks to Coachella, the ’70s vibe is alive and well whether you are attending a music festival or just heading to the grocery store. The bohemian aspect of an outfit can be incorporated in many ways but after these photos, a maxi dress might take the cake.

Today’s post features a full length casual dress with a bold pattern and slits to create a paneled look. The details behind this dress will likely take your breath away; it’s strap-happy and I am not complaining. The side cutouts and the open back shows just the right amount of skin, which is ideal for warmer weather. It reminds me that summertime is just around the corner! This piece was paired with contemporary sandals and a dainty hoop nose piercing, reinforcing the strong yet still subtle boho feel. What I love most about maxi dresses is that they are casual enough to wear anytime of the day and are insanely comfy. This reason alone justifies why it is definitely class worthy. It is way cuter than sweats, but does not sacrifice the comfort.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Getting creative with my style is my favorite thing. Take some risks and get bold with the ways you wear your clothes, and you won’t need to constantly be shopping for the latest look. And because you put more thought into what you’re wearing, instead of just more money, you’re going to look more confident too, which is the most beautiful.”