April 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Coachella may be over, but the season of music festivals is still in our midst. This means it will be nearly impossible to shop anywhere without being bombarded by fringed ponchos until August, and even more impossible to find any street style inspiration that doesn’t involve a gaggle of girls covered in hippy-like clothing from head to toe.

While it may not be realistic to dress like Kendall Jenner romping through the desert, it is undeniably still fun to dress up like a sun goddess in loose, flowy clothing and ridiculously over the top accessories. However, those outfits don’t always fly in real life settings. So how can a girl translate this look into everyday life? This Fashionista demonstrates how it’s done.

Wearing a white, embroidered babydoll top paired with jeans, this Fashionista’s outfit is the definition of simplicity. While her style is largely boho-inspired, the pieces in her outfit are not over the top. The details—beautiful embroidery on her blouse, her wraparound bracelet and her colorful purse—are perfect, giving the entire outfit a summery, carefree look. To finish, she pairs the ensemble with leather ballet flats, sticking to the number one music festival rule—comfort over everything.

As sad as it may be, dressing like a model at Coachella may never be realistic for everyday life. However, there are ways to emulate the music festival goddesses without dressing quite as ridiculously. By simply incorporating small boho elements into your outfit, you can keep your look cool and easy while still carrying a little bit of that carefree essence of the girls in the desert.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Breezy tops are my go-to piece for hot weather. Nothing is more comfortable on sunny summer days!”