Mother nature has been all over the place lately. Is it winter? Is it spring? She just can’t decide. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning to a full blown blizzard, but by the afternoon, it’s five degrees and sunny. This makes getting dressed in the morning near impossible. When it comes to picking outfits and preparing for the indecisiveness of nature, the answer is simple: layering.

A blanket scarf is thick enough that you can wear it over the shoulders, in place of a light jacket. Of course, for the snowy days, you can wear one over top of a winter jacket for extra warmth. As for the “not winter but not spring” days, you can take a couple tips from this Fashionista. She layers a vest on top of a long sleeve shirt, and the scarf on top for extra warmth. If the vest is one layer too heavy, she can take the vest off and use the scarf to wrap around herself, like a blanket. She wears cuffed black skinny jeans and paired with a black bootie. The wooden heel on the bootie adds texture to the outfit. The outfit is brought to life with colourful jewelry and a deep nail polish colour.

Another thing that is so amazing about blanket scarfs is the endless variety of patterns that you can find. This Fashionista’s scarf goes perfectly with her gray and black outfit. You can also find brighter and more colourful scarves that are perfect for the spring transition. For an extra cozy addition to a neutral outfit, try a soft checked blanket scarf!

This Fashionista shows us that comfort, warmth, style and pattern can all be achieved by a scarf. I mean, how can you say no to wearing a comfy, soft and fashionable blanket around?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always layer. You can never be too sure about the weather. Wearing different pieces over each other makes it easy to adjust to unpredictable weather!”