Hey fellow Fashionista/os! It is officially time for the dreaded “welcome back to school” post. Now that we have all returned to our respective colleges it’s time to put away those sweatpants, leave the comfort of our beds and get back to business. If you are like me and struggle from 8:00 a.m. class syndrome, have no fear because T-shirt dresses are here to rescue you. What’s more comfortable than an oversized T-shirt? Nothing.

Getting out of bed and putting on a fabulous outfit can be a struggle before 8 A.M. however there are still ways to be cute and comfy. In this look, an over-sized basic t-shirt is paired with thigh high boots. Thigh-high boots class up any look and have been a big trend this season. They also help keep your legs nice and warm in the brisk winter. Staying true to myself and New York, this look is incorporating my favorite color: black. The all black outfit, however, is brought to life with the image on the T-shirt. I mean who isn’t team Yeezy for president? Since we are all in a rush to get ready for class, I recommend just throwing on a beanie to avoid bed head. No matter how messy your hair looks, a beanie will hide it and give the outfit an edgy look. Throw on your heavy black quilted backpack filled with the latest Apple Computer and that textbook you do not want to read, and your ready for class. This look is not only simple but easy and inexpensive (for all those on a college budget like me). Go down the street to your favorite vintage store and pick up a graphic T-shirt in a size XL and get ready for the simple life.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stick to the basics. You do not need to get crazy dressed up for class but you also do not need to wear your work out clothes. Find some basic  and easy pieces to throw together.”