Lately when I’ve been going shopping for my spring wardrobe (basically every day when I’m home), I’ve been attracted to clean and basic clothing. My style has always been into classic clothing, but lately I’ve been matching super simple pieces with minimal accessories. Every closet should have a few essential pieces that are foolproof, and when paired together perfectly, look amazing. Sometimes when you want to put on a killer outfit, nothing is more understated then pairing just a few traditional pieces together. The saying “less is more” is one of the biggest tricks in the fashion world.

This Fashionista exhibits minimalistic clothing perfectly with the classic color palette—all black and white and simple shapes. She wears a beautiful graphic black and white shift dress that I’m obsessed with. When wearing all monochromatic colors it’s perfect to add a graphic print or textures to your outfit to add dimension. Shift dresses are a personal favorite—a classic shape looks good on anyone. She pairs her dress with a long oversized black cardigan. Since it was a little colder out today, her sheer black stockings match flawlessly. For shoes she wore cute suede booties. My favorite part of her entire outfit is her emerald studs. They add an unpredicted hint of color to her outfit. Her outfit is perfect for an interview or any formal occasion.

An outfit that is put together around basic pieces and a monochromatic color palette is sometimes understated but together adds for an effortless look. You will look chic and completely fashionable.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ”Just matching similar colors with my graphic prints always adds to a perfect unexpected outfit.”