If the terminology “bomber jacket” wasn’t part of your lexicon last season, it certainly should be now. This refreshing attire, once only an aviator’s symbol, has steadily wriggled its way all over street style fashion—nipped, plaited and completely reinvented to compensate for all the time it has been hung forgotten in pilots’ wardrobes. We owe a great deal to the quirky Fashionista who rediscovered this revolutionary piece.

Today, this lightweight outerwear has had massive moments on the runways, most particularly for its reputation as a bona fide styling chameleon. The bomber jacket has now fully blossomed and greatly evolved from its restricted lines and fabrics. While aspects such as the cinched wrists, waist and neck design remain unwavering, its fabric play and experimentation is an uninhibited gold mine for all fashion geeks. From luxurious silky textures to tough leather, this jacket can truly transform into anything.

The best ones are those eclectic styles—the ones that own the cut of the sporty bomber jacket, but also the texture of some deluxe fabric. This Fashionista’s beautiful patterned bomber jacket instantly drew my attention. The texture of the jacket was composed entirely of silk, reminding me of a fusion between the bomber jacket and kimono. Even the pattern weaved throughout was aesthetically enticing; the mashup of paisley and floral print created an alluring and unique medley of design. Its ribbed hem and solid cuffs create a substantial contrast between the primarily mauve backdrop. She contrasted this silk bomber with an ivory sweater and black denim jeans. Her color-blocked sandals tie up the ensemble. I particularly like this pair for its combination of coral and gray, a perfect color sequence for springtime.

Mixing and clashing styling constituents is madly trending, so it’s no surprise this Fashionista pulled off her bomber jacket in printed luxurious silk with cutoffs and sandals.  For an alternative, try pairing a cotton or jersey-style bomber jacket against Louboutins and sequined shirts. For a pinch of glamour and urban vibe, incorporate a red lip and generous accessories. When it comes to rocking the bomber, be a girly girl in a man-inspired jacket; confusion in fashion can be surprisingly sexy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t shy away from texture, pattern or color. It’s these simple but effective elements that will oftentimes make the outfit.”