Okay, I know I go on about the unbearable Florida heat, but when you’re subjected to over 90-degree heat well before summer break, it gets to be a bit ludicrous. With this year being no different from the past, it is time to finally conquer the battle between Florida fashion and Florida weather.

This Fashionista does a stellar job at doing just that. She has on a flowy, long sleeve babydoll dress. Yes, you read that right—these sleeves totally work since her dress is made from such a lightweight material (plus they protect her from the sun). To help her combat the heat, this Fashionista has on a wide-brimmed Panama hat. These hats are literally everywhere here in Florida. They provide the perfect amount of shade from the bright sun while adding a whole new element to your look.

She gives some personality to her ensemble with a simple flower necklace. I love the long length and additional floral detail this necklace adds to her look. She continues adding personality with her arm candy. She has on a slew of different bracelets, from Alex and Ani bangles to a homemade friendship bracelet. Arm candy is a great place to show off some of your unique personality while still keeping your outfit as a whole on trend. To finish off her look, this Fashionista has on a great pair of wide-strapped sandals.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t feel the need to stray away from your personal style because of the hot Florida weather. Take it as a challenge and rock your favorite pieces in a new way.”