With New York Fashion Week being all us Fashionistas/os can talk about recently, I have picked up on quite a few new bold statements for this season. One of these bold statements I actually saw on the street the other day! I ran into a super stylish Fashionista who wasn’t afraid of trying any of these new trends. She decided to style her dress with a T-shirt underneath. This trend has been seen a lot recently and is only beginning to grow as a fashion statement.

This Fashionista pulled off this bold new trend perfectly. She took her graphic dress that she got in Amsterdam and paired it with a simple white T-shirt. This look was super cute and comfy for her whole day on campus. She also decided to pair her dress with a pair of black booties and a dark denim choker, to go for an even edgier look.

While this look has definitely been determined as more of a runway trend, it can be cute and comfy on any day-to-day basis! The best advice I can give you for this week is to be bold with what you wear. Take risks and try new looks, besides new looks call for cute Instagram pictures!

The great thing about the T-shirt under the dress trend is that you can make it either super chic and fancy for a night out, or you can dress it down for a comfier look with a pair of booties or sneakers. It is definitely a durable trend for college students since a lot of students go from wanting to be comfy all day to wanting to go out for the night. So if you stick a pair of heels into your bag, you could easily turn this outfit into a nighttime look after a long day of classes!

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