Being a Wholesome Content Creator: 10 Ways to Influence For The Better

As Instagram and Tiktok are establishing new style trends daily, many fashionistas have found their new niche as content creators, or influencers. I connected with New York City’s own Lauren Ladnier (@laurenladnier on Instagram) as she was nice enough to give me a deeper look into the life of a content creator and some tips on being a good one. Here are some takeaways from our conversation broken down into ten ways we can influence for the better.

01. Create content you want to make.

“I say content creator, not influencer,” Lauren explains. “I started my page because I was previously working in fashion and wanted to share my experience, not to become an influencer!” Which is the number one motto to be a good influence: start from a place of passion! If you enjoy it, most likely others will too.

02. Stay natural and honest! Don't be afraid to post a meme…or two…or three!

Being honest with your followers is the best way to maintain originality and build your brand! Lauren’s signature nail and matcha pics are key to her followers’ favorite collaborations and posts. Be yourself and the rest will follow! We love an honest queen.

03. Your following is your family.

Love what loves you! Lauren literally did this interview with me after I ran into her at a flea market and DM’d her about this idea. She was super personable just as she displays in the public eye. “I love when people send me nail inspo or even a frog meme! It’s so neat to see that my work actually makes it to people and affects them. The connections I’ve made through Instagram have changed my life!” exclaims Lauren.

Bonus tip: Take chances and ask away! I didn’t know if Lauren would respond or even acknowledge my question but now we have this interview together. The worst that can happen is someone says no, so always ask!

04. Build connections, not brand deals.

Like followers, brands that vibe with you will want to stick around. Stay open and honest and your community will follow! Lauren has done a few nail collaborations which makes sense based on her popular content. Although, she doesn’t limit herself to only nail content. “I don’t stick to one aesthetic,” says Lauren, “Don’t stay in your lane, have as many “lanes” as possible! This will increase the amount of partnerships that will genuinely make sense for your feed.”

05. Create smiles!

On the other hand, not every brand or creator you decide to work with will 100% align with your aesthetic and that is okay too! Don’t lose focus of your inner style and values but continue to take risks. Lauren obviously partners with other brands aside from her nail collabs but “usually if something doesn’t vibe, I kindly pass,” she says. Your goal isn’t to make people question if they should buy another thing they don’t really need, it’s to spread joy! Lauren’s bio literally reads “creating content & hopefully smiles.” As! She! Should!

06. Avoid spreading misinformation.

Most likely your followers come to you for a reason. We follow Lauren for the NYC recs, matcha pics, and maybe even for the Guy Feiri memes. While she doesn’t only post about these things, she does only speak on topics she is confident and comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to talk about a subject you are passionate about but try to avoid preaching to the choir. Your followers already love you, for you!

07. Understand what platforms work for you.

“Instagram is definitely where my following is, but most of my inspiration comes from Pinterest… BIG Pinetrest girl!” says Lauren. While all social media can be useful in different ways, don’t get caught up with just one! Explore all platforms to figure out which site suits your content best and start creating there.

08. Give thanks… and credit!

While you can’t always confirm that you get credit for the inspiration you give others, always pay it forward and share your credits. “My mom is always sending me photos of my nails on Pinterest wondering why they didn’t tag me, LOL!”

09. Step away when you need to.

“It really can become a 24/7 job. You are your own boss, so be careful!” Lauren warns. While maintaining a social media presence can be consuming, remember why you started this journey and take a step back. You can’t post about everything all the time.

10. Remember to enjoy your work!

Get that pic girl! But don’t spend your whole brunch as a photoshoot! It’s important to still enjoy the little things and not let your goal aesthetic take over. Be in the moment and when the time feels right, strike a pose.

Featured photo via @laurenladnier.