As midterms approach, interviews begin and organizations get demanding, it’s difficult to find an outfit that can fit any situation. Our Fashionista maximizes the use of a blazer to create a look that’s perfect for both a fun and relaxed day but also a more professional day. When talking with our Fashionista, I discovered that she was off to lunch with friends, but had just come from a presentation. So, forget the busy days of stuffing outfits into your backpack and learn how to create the perfect look for almost any situation.

The key element of this outfit is the blazer. Rolled up and paired with jeans, it has elements of professionalism and ease. It’s the perfect option for a laid back class presentation or a relaxed meeting. The blazer creates an image of confidence, but with rolled up sleeves and jeans there’s a friendly appeal. Our Fashionista can remove the blazer for a simpler look, perfect for a lunch date or class.

Our Fashionista mixes patterns to draw attention to different aspects of her outfit. The lining of her classic blazer has a dotted pattern that contrasts the stripes of her shirt. These patterns would normally clash, but since they have similar color schemes and are used in moderation, they function to only enhance the outfit. The stripes draw attention to our Fashionista, which, in turn, creates a very classic look.

Finally, the simple details also contribute to the look. The gold watch works just like the blazer. It’s professional but also provides a fun element to the look. The gold look is proper and its simple face isn’t extravagant. Our Fashionista’s shoes tie the outfit together. The sandals add another factor of ease. The black strap matches the black blazer, whereas the tan strap adds another detail. This detail is a pop of color for the black and white outfit. The last element of the sandals is their gold buckle. The buckle functions by complementing the watch. Every aspect of the shoe contributes to the outfit in some manner. Although the details of this look aren’t extreme, they really connect the outfit together and work to create the classy-causal look.

Our Fashionista has mastered the perfect balance between relaxed and professional. A blazer allows our Fashionista to be prepared and confident for any situation that comes her way.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always have a watch. Watches are the the perfect accessory to every outfit and they’re also a great conversation starter. There are so many unique and personalized styles and they can add incredible individuality to any look. Whether the outfit is professional, fun or relaxed, there’s a watch out there to contribute to the look!”