STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back To The Bell Bottoms

Seventies fashion is a decade fulfilled with fringe, crop tops, bell bottoms and different flares to the pants whether they’re denim or a colorful pattern.  These alluring statements have made their way back into the present to kick off the fashion world for both the end of summer and pre-fall. Skinny jeans are for yesterday and today is full of flare and bell bottoms.

The trend of bell bottoms is relevant in our society today, by intermixing a street style grunge to the trend and manipulating its look by giving it a full on washed out ripped effect. And although bell bottoms are known to be flared, the trend is taken to a modern level by slimming the flare and adding a bohemian look to it. This inspired denim silhouette look allows for the stylist to have a nice flare and length while at the same time showing off that hourglass figure. This look stands out because it works perfectly with the modern day outfit and festival themed apparel while adding in that grunge effect of torn jeans. It’s an amazing alternative of the simple skinny jean and prepares a slimming look for all.

What’s even more perfect about this particular trend? It’s universal and something all styles can accept into their wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing casual, working denim on denim, going for an office look or even a new summer wardrobe, this look can be easily transformed for any occasion. This trend is in the spotlight on all runways currently because seventies fashion is in and everyone wants to rock that festival street look into their wardrobes.

This Fashionista takes the bell bottom look to an entirely new level by transforming it into a look that can be noted as the latest street trend.  Instead of replicating that plain, clean look bell bottoms used to have in the 1970s, this Fashionista takes on a grunge look by wearing a ripped jean styled with a gray cropped top, beige platform shoes and the grunge beauty essentials: messy hair and a smokey eye look. The rings create the perfect accent and complete this street style look by adding flare to it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t overanalyze the look.  As long as you pick a flare that’s a little ruined with rips in them and you add a top that follows a darker shade you’re good.  I like to add in the platforms because it gives me more length but the look can also be accomplished by adding in a black glossy boot or even a leather jacket. The idea is to begin brave and finish tough.”