STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back to the Basics

It’s well-known fact at UCLA that North Campus, home to the schools of arts, humanities, music, film and television, is a melting pot of style. Walking by Royce Hall you are bound to see anything from a pastel mohawk to velour Dr. Martens. One of my favorite things about North Campus style, however, is that even when their outfits are tame the students here dress with a great sense of personal aesthetic on a day to day basis.

I caught this particular Fashionisto outside the music building between classes, and what struck me was how understated yet classically stylish his outfit is. While he wears basic pieces such as a thinly striped T-shirt, muted blue pants and monochromatic sneakers these simple building blocks come together to create a casual and eclectic look. One of the great things about having a closet full of basics you love is that they can be easily mixed and matched to craft a recognizable, personal style. Then it becomes easy to play around with a more subdued wardrobe by adding a bold color or statement piece.

When it comes to normcore or minimalist ’90s grunge it is all about the little details. Cuffing pants or wearing a a color-blocked baseball cap like this Fashionisto allow for simple looks to appear cool with ease through a multifaceted and cohesive aesthetic. An oversized denim jacket and vintage buttons create the ’90s undertones which take his outfit from “Gap with mom” to effortlessly stylish. Building a go-to arsenal of basics begins with solid colors, small prints and leisure wear. Just imagine American Apparel taking over your closet!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to take simple, fun pieces and throw them together. I wear what I like, and hope for the best. It usually works out. My style is a combination of daily, athletic wear mixed with accents of color.”