November 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Another Halloween has come and gone, and October is oct-over, but I refuse to mourn the end of another spooky Halloweekend; instead, I’m going to relish in the creepy and kooky for a little while longer. That’s right, you Christmas fiends: it’s not quite time to fa-la-la-la yet, because I’m still grooving to the “Monster Mash.” As luck would have it, I managed to run into this Fashionista who was heading to class in a darker ensemble that has me dreaming of October all over again.

This Fashionista’s outfit could be easily curated if you combined the styles of Amy Winehouse and Wednesday Addams—a beautiful marriage of macabre high-fashion, if you ask me. Not only does this Fashionista prove that black is back regardless of the season, but she also manages to nail the athleisure look that is spreading across college campuses quicker than a zombie epidemic.

With a front-draped black T-shirt paired with simple black leggings, she is rocking a pretty epic monochromatic look. Adding on a leather bomber jacket, she lets the texture of the jacket become the focal point, making this all-black look a killer one. Throw on some Yeezy boosts and it’s a match made in heaven. Seriously, if you’re looking to hit the gym or campus in style and black is the only color you allow in your closet, take some style cues from this Fashionista.

Easily transform this look by swapping out those stylish kicks for some polished leather Chelsea boots and you’re ready to hit the mall to shop for some more all-black outfits.

My style advice of the week is to embrace the style you’re feeling in the moment regardless of the season. If you want to wear hot pink in November, go for it! Standing out in a sea of autumnal-colored sweaters is probably the best thing you could do style-wise.