STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Autumn's Casual Transition

The season has finally shown it’s true temperature! It has only been a week since the start of autumn, yet the weather has not caught up. Luckily, we can kiss goodbye to the summer’s heat and say hello to autumn’s chic season of sweaters, jackets, joggers and layers! Casual looks that are still visually pleasing seem to be a huge trend on campus. Autumn’s transition has met its match: comfort is key, and with earlier classes, casual outfits are this semester’s hit. No longer will you need to stress about what to wear, so go ahead and hit that snooze button another couple of times!

Here, this Fashionisto implements a variety of casual pieces that come together to create a look that is not only comfortable, but it is ideal for the chilly transition. He is wearing a classic denim jacket with double-breasted pockets on top of a creme, knit pullover. Denim paired with knit is always a great idea when aiming for casual but still acknowledging the drastic change of temperature. The combination is then paired with what this Fashionisto calls his “favorite pair of joggers,” in a pale green color. Joggers can be anyone’s go-to piece for casual days or early mornings because they are almost equivalent to leggings, but are more relaxed in fit. Finally, I could not help but notice the tan Sperry Top-Siders and Christmas-themed socks he is wearing. He certainly ties up his casual outfit with an ode to the weather!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Aim to dress in a casual shirt and layer with a sweater, cardigan, or jacket for an effortless look.”