STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Autumn Misconceptions

The classic “little black dress” (aka LBD) is a staple in just about every girl’s closet. It has been reinvented again and again over the decades, but how does one take a casual summery version of not just the LBD, but all of the other cute tank tops and skirts, and transition them from season to season? This Fashionista answers this pressing question with ease by pairing her simple LBD with a light sweater and booties.

I always shed a small tear each fall when the weather forces all of my cute summer clothes into hibernation, but it doesn’t have to be that way! As I perused my closet, I discovered many items that can easily transition into the colder months that I had not previously considered, including many of my lightweight skirts and dresses.

This Fashionista successfully transitions her little black cotton tank dress into a fall ensemble with the addition of a tan cardigan. The cardigan brings a cozier feel to the outfit and as the temperature drops she can even swap it for a thicker option. In addition, black booties are always a good choice because they are a perfect way to effortlessly dress it up, not to mention a whole lot easier to walk in than stilettos (am I right?).

Lastly, her layered necklaces and bracelets bring the look home. In the summer time, too much jewelry can be a hassle when you must quickly go from tanning in a bikini to scrambling to get ready for dinner. Now that it is fall, these gold and silver accents can really pop against the LBD.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Reexamine your closet! If the LBD can be constantly reinvented, so can those summer pieces in your closet. You spent some hard earned money on those clothes, why should you only get to wear them for half of the year?”