We might or might not be familiar with the term, but “athleisure” is a trend that has been lately conquering every college campus. A mixture of athletic wear and leisurewear, the athleisure trend is based on the concept that leggings, workout shoes and sweatshirts are not merely “gym clothes;” they can turn into major fashion statements for any occasion.

Today, rocking leggings and running shoes around campus is not only socially acceptable, but it’s trendy! The one important thing to remember while wearing leggings is to style them correctly: incorporate them in a hip and cool outfit, and try to pick an interesting texture or a daring print.

There are a couple of reasons why this look immediately stood out to me. First of all, I loved how this Fashionista didn’t just wear gym clothes. Instead, she styled them according to her personality and fashion taste. While her shoes are colorful and vibrant, she keeps the rest of her look neutral. Whenever she is running, her gray hoodie with thumbholes protects her from the awful Chicago weather. Her warm leggings and sweatshirt also help to keep her warm while she trains in the freezing winter. Altogether, she is warm, comfy and trendy. This Fashionista might be ready to hit the gym, but her look could also work for class, a brunch date, a day of shopping with her friends or any type of afternoon activity.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love the feeling of a workout. When I turn my workout clothes into outfits, it makes me love it even more!”