STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ask Your Grandma, Can I Have Her Hand-Me-Downs?

When leaves crunch under shoes and the wind causes a blush to form on the cheeks, it is time to find a jacket that serves as a layer of warmth against the colder weather. Styles weave in and out of season, but one factor stays the same: we all look for a coat that cuts the chill of low temperatures in half. We need something that can be comfortable, yet something that can make us feel unique in a crowd. Enter the classic duck coat, with its earthy tones and rustic charm.

Originally designed for the outdoors, this type of jacket adds a tinge of ruggedness to a normally chic outfit. The pictured outfit includes an overcoat similar to this specific type of coat, but it is missing the fur usually found inside the sleeves. This more traditional duck coat has the same appearance, but seems to be more suited to protect against frigid conditions.

This Fashionista is supporting the duck coat look-alike, with its generally neutral base tones and dark blue cuffs, on top of a turtleneck dress with black tights and combat boots. Dresses work well with jackets because both styles have the ability to play off each other. This striped dress would work well with the canvas-like material of the duck coat. Black boots are a smart investment because they match almost every other color. While the idea of the jacket paired with the rest of the outfit may seem jarring, the actual application of the idea turns this combination of clothing into one cohesive and stylish unit.

When we look at the Fashionista’s outfit without the coat, we see that it is simple and comfortable enough to wear to class and to lunch with some friends. However, when the grayish-green fabric of the duck coat covers the shoulders of the dress underneath, it promises an afternoon spent in the great outdoors. Walking to class will feel like a hike in the mountainside; cobblestone walkways will magically turn into dirt paths and the nature of the forest will suddenly unravel itself before the concrete jungle of academic buildings. While the jacket pictured may be longer than more common forms of duck coats, the length makes the jacket one step closer to a more original and trendy wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Having a coat that falls right above the knee is essential. It works perfectly with any type of outfit, especially dresses! This one came straight from my grandma’s closet, but similar ones can be found online or in stores.”