STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: April Showers Bring Fashion and Flowers

April 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Do you find yourself constantly wearing the same items in your wardrobe? With the semester winding down, it can be hard to stay motivated to dress up. If you’re like me a T-shirt and leggings are the first things you grab in the morning without even thinking twice. But spring has sprung and now is the time to shake up your wardrobe Fashionistas! Take a risk and try a trendy two-piece.

Two-pieces came on the scene last year when Taylor Swift was seen out and about rocking multi-colored crop-top and skirt combinations. Other celebrities and fashion icons have followed suit and the trend has trickled down to everyday wear. This look is still going strong and I have a feeling this trend will be here to stay. It’s an easy way to appear pulled together without the effort of wearing a dress or creating a whole outfit. Your outfit is already a statement on its own.

This Fashionista makes a major statement in her printed two-piece and denim jacket. The bright pop of color stands out, but is perfectly balanced by the jacket’s complementary shade. Many people are afraid to wear yellow, but she proves it is truly wearable! Her look is completed with a unique pendant necklace, blue mirrored aviators and killer cutout booties. Her ensemble could easily be dressed up for a night out, but is also casual enough to wear to class.

Whether you find yourself bold enough to rock a two-piece, a bright hue—or both—mix it up this spring, and most of all have fun with your wardrobe!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Two-pieces are a cool way to mix up a typical sundressy look! Always go for oversized jean jackets because they give you some edge to the typical jacket style and you can fit a sweater underneath them when the weather gets cold again unexpectedly. Shoes with side cutouts elongate your legs, and don’t be yellow-phobic—it looks good on so many people, you just have to try it!”